Loss Run Reports

A loss run report is a written report generated by an insurance company that sets forth all claim activity in connection with a specific insurance policy since its inception. In California, insurance companies must provide the insured with a loss run report within ten business days of receiving a request. Insureds wanting a loss run report should make their request in writing by email or certified mail.

Loss runs can be used for the following purposes:

  • They help the insured shop for a more competitive insurance policy, and
  • They help the insurance company decide whether to renew a policy and at what premium rate.

Generally, a loss run report will include the following information:

Policy identification including the policy number, type of policy, and the types and amounts of coverages included;

  • The date of each claim and loss and whether the claims are open or closed;
  • A description of each claim; and
  • The amounts paid by the insurance company, if any.

Note that some insurance companies unlawfully delay in providing loss run reports because they assume the client's broker is shopping for a better policy. When requesting a loss run report, always do it in writing and then follow-up in order to make certain you receive it within the ten-day requirement established by law.


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