Important Information for Apartment Building Owners

Insurance Claims / History

Legitimate insurance claims that are material should be made so that apartment building owners receive the funds needed to compensate for damages sustained. On the other hand, it is Important to realize that questionable insurance claims can result in a building owner paying higher insurance rates for many years because denied claims can result in an insurance history report that attaches to the property for many years . Not even changing insurance companies will result in the elimination of an adverse insurance history because each new insurance company checks with the last insurance company regarding its history of claims.

The lesson is clear: possible insurance claims should be reviewed carefully by the apartment building owner before a claim is made. Where a claim is questionable, the possible gain must be weighed against the possible long term cost.

Insurance - Employment Coverage

If an apartment building owner has employees, he or she should make certain that his or her insurance policy has an endorsement for Employment Practices Liability (EPL). This insurance defends the owner in employer-employee disputes involving the following types of actions:

• Wrongful Termination

• Sexual Harassment

• Discrimination

• Failure to Employ or Promote

• Wrongful Discipline

• Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress